Life circumstances and events are often unpredictable and distressing.

It is all too common to feel anxious, lonely, angry and depressed when confronted with a distressing situation. Personal and family relationships can become difficult and unbearable. Also the work environment can be a consistent source of stress.

Counselling and psychotherapy has become a recommended and accepted treatment to address a variety of problems.

I believe it is vitally important to establish an understanding and trusting relationship so that you can express your feelings and life to make sense of the present situation. This can enable you to look forward to a better understanding so that you can cope with life.

The healing power resides in the close therapeutic relationship which ultimately enables you to regain control and order in your life.

The therapeutic session is an opportunity to explore difficult and personal aspects of life which cannot be shared with family and friends without repercussions. The insight gained in therapy inevitably leads to a reduction of fear, anxiety, stress, pain and physical doscomfort. This will ultimately lead to the experience of a more meaningful and productive life.